Our Sponsors and Partners

Mandurah HIBC actively seeks out and enters into partnerships with Companies and Government Agencies that have the capacity to value-add resources and synergy to the Organisation and its services.

Mandurah HIBC has established numerous partnerships and Strategic Alliances since 2006 most of which have remained as strong allies and advocates of the Chamber's work in building the capacity and profile of the Indigenous Business Setor.  Aligned with the growing sector and strong demand for Indigenous Business Support the Chamber consistently investigates opportunities to form collaborative relationships with new partners across diverse industries.

To achieve maximum results and capacity from our Partnerships, the Chamber puts in place a communications strategy that invites continual Partner/Client feedback on the range of products and serives being provided under the partnership MOU.  The MOU defines the purpose for the partnership, the roles and responsibilities of each partner, the goals, key action items and expected outcomes.  The communications strategy is based on the principles of strategic planning and quality improvement framework.  Key components typically include the name of a representative from each partner, the development of an action plan to identify tasks, responsibilities and timeframes, quarterly meetings to monitor the success of the relationship, progress of action items, and to provide and receive any feedback and suggestions for change / improvement.  The strategy aims to continually improve the partnership.