Our Vision

"Indigenous Business Chambers share a united vision for a country which enables Indigenous Suppliers to gain equitable access  to the supply chain of Government and Corporate Australia"

We believe  in our vision and we believe that by working together with our members, our partners and our sponsors we will achieve a unique Business Sector in the Hunter, which is recognised for quality service and one which inspires our future  generations.



Our Mission

"Mandurah Hunter Indigenous Business Chamber strives to assist Aboriginal People to achieve control over their own destiny through the establishment and growth of viable enterprises which  create wealth, employment and increased choices."

Key Strategies

  •  Build Skill Capacity of Indigenous Business Owners (members)
    • Training
    • Business Planning
    • Marketing
    • Skills Development Workshops
    • Mentoring & Coaching
    • Branding
    • Development of Business Systems
    • Registrations, Preferred Provider Lists, Panels
    • Compliance
    • Business Structure
    • Preparing for Supply Nation Certification
  • Foster Trade amongst businesses
    • Networking Events
    • Business Forums, Seminars,
    • Events, Conferences
    • Regional Industry Forums
    • Supply Nation Referrals for Certification
    • Introductions to Industry
    • Links


  • Promote Economic Independence/Wealth Creation
    • Promote and Showcase Indigenous Business
    • Education and Distribution of Information to Communities
    • Promoting Business in High Schools, Universities, Communities


  • Representation at a State & Local level
    • Advocating
    • Lobbying
    • Feeding IBCA with Information from Members



To strengthen Hunter Indigenous Business and to assist economic independence and autonomy for Indigenous entrepreneurs at the local and regional level and to encourage an entrepreneurial culture within local and regional Indigenous communities.

About Our Logo Design

Artwork Name:

"Spirit of Freedom"

Artwork Meaning

The Falcon in our Painting of the Chamber Story stands for the Spirit of Freedom. This captures the vision of our Chamber, the freedom for our people through education, employment and business. The circle represents the meetings of the Chamber and the coming together of Aboriginal men and women working to build the capacity of our communities and creating a better future for our children. The circle is black representing our Aboriginality while the men are represented in the colour red in honour of our creator Biame. The women are represented in yellow after our mother earth.

The many pathways leading to the centre show our people travelling from all over the Hunter region to Mandurah Hunter Indigenous Business Chamber to talk business. From here they will begin their journey to achieve their economic vision.


The Artist is a Wanarua man Uncle Les Elvin. Uncle Les is a highly respected elder in his community and a nationally accomplished artist, recognised for his award winning talent throughout the Art community. Uncle Les is on the Board of Directors of Mandurah HIBC.