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HIBC CEO takes your concerns to Canberra


Debbie Barwick,, Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer of the NSW Indigenous Chamber of Commerce accompanied by fellow Directors, visited Parliament last week to meet with Government
These meetings were held to discuss the essential work of Indigenous Chambers of Commerce (ICC’s) to grow the Indigenous Supply Chain and to increase employment and wealth creation through
this growth. The focus of discussions was the growing need to resource ICC’s and Indigenous Business Networks (IBN’s) across Australia as the leading initiative for “Closing the Gap” through Indigenous Controlled Economic Development.
ICC’s provide access to highly experienced Indigenous Professionals who provide essential Capacity Building Skills which are transferred through training, mentoring and coaching and cultural understanding. Chamber staff are also highly knowledgeable about initiatives such as Supply Nation Certification and Government Programs existing to support business and industry. ICC’s and IBN’s
across the Nation are working towards becoming a “One Stop Shop” for Indigenous Business