Dreamtime Tuka

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9 Warne Street, Wellington, NSW, 2820
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Dreamtime Tuka represents the very best that this exceptional country has to offer.  Our products embody the rich cultural traditions that make Australia truly unique.
Dreamtime Tuka is focused on promoting the nutritional value of traditional bush tucker, in addition to the significant cultural wealth surrounding food in Indigenous tradition.


OUR Story

Dreamtime Tuka was founded by Herb Smith who was born in Wellington New South Wales.  He is a Wiradjuri man who is proud of the fact he is a direct descendant through his family bloodline to the original Aboriginal Inhabitants of the Wellington Valley. The aboriginal stories passed down from elders to their children and grandchildren have become some of Herb’s fondest memories, sitting and exploring the many stories about the food so important to his grandfather and the generations before him. Herb remembers so well his grandfather always saying,
Good Tucker and a full belly makes  you sleep and have good dreams"