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My name is Lee Townsend and I am an Aboriginal woman born in Blacktown, Sydney.  My family are from the Kamilaroi/Dharug region of NSW.  I have a Bachelor of Education degree and also a Diploma of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education.            I currently work with groups from Kinder to Year 12, with many community members and a variety of different organisations.  I am the owner and creator of The Yarning Circle® business, incorporating the Lets Have A Yarn With Yarn® program and the Natures Connections program. 


As an education, healing and social development tool, The Lets Have A Yarn With Yarn® program is unprecedented in enhancing our knowledge, social skills, leadership qualities and the strength of our relationships. By opening lines of communication in a structured, nurturing verbal environment, participants are encouraged to share their voice and be heard. Highly valued in the educational system, our communities and the family home; this Aboriginal communication method leads to inclusion, participation, value of the individual and access to contemporary outcomes for life in the modern world.

Designed for Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime, The Lets Have A Yarn With Yarn® program captures the ethos of Aboriginal Yarning Circles. Reaching young people and Elders alike, it is cross-cultural, transferable to any situation and supports the validation of oral communication. A stronger identity, a sense of community and equity in learning are only some of the benefits to be gained from the Lets Have A Yarn With Yarn® program.

Australian Aboriginal culture has a base of oral communication.  Today, many Aboriginal people still feel very comfortable with this communication process, as does the wider community. This program has an Aboriginal cultural base, but is cross cultural in its use. The skills used and learnt within the Yarns are transferable and universal.  

In today’s fast moving world of technological advances, the art of verbal communication is being lost. Let’s have a Yarn with Yarn is designed to open lines of communication and develop knowledge in a nurturing yet structured verbal environment.  The program assists individuals in developing skills in education, social and leadership areas, in turn leading to retention and attendance improvements within schools, healing through the sharing of our stories, and a stronger identity through the talking and listening with community.  The value of face to face conversation in today’s society and the natural flow of energy that happens throughout the conversation cannot be undervalued and balances between new and old communications methods are important.

The Yarn is a communication tool to assist people in sharing their voice, knowledge and experiences. Then, just as in traditional ways, the knowledge will become a part of each person’s individual information bank, which in turn gives individuals alternative solutions, options, choices and power in their everyday lives. 

Value is placed on inclusiveness, access to information, respect of culture and participation within the educational system and community organisations. The importance of oral communication skills will be demonstrated, drawing on skills from our past such as the use of Aboriginal Yarning Circles and giving individuals contemporary learning experiences based on traditional methods.

The Natures Connectionsprogram consists of two CDs containing one hundred natural images that, together with the interactive activities, are designed to assist in strengthening the inner self by reflecting on the emotions and experiences of lifes journey. By discovering our connections to nature and the natural world around us we can explore: our creativity; strengths; values; choices and opportunities. We can initiate a concept of self, emotional development, an inner voice and greater inspiration. Through talking and listening we share our stories and feelings, our questions and our answers.

 Written from a group perspective, the Natures Connections program is also suitable for working in pairs or as individuals and is applicable to all of us. It can be utilized as an After Yarn Activity within the Lets Have A Yarn With Yarn® program and can be used within group situations, the family home and a variety of organisations. People come from many diverse backgrounds and bring with them their own distinctive experiences. This program enables them to contribute their own unique knowledge while expanding on the understanding of how our stories are reflected in the natural world.