Building Indigenous Capability Pty Ltd

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Building Indigenous Capability (BIC) is a 100% Indigenous Australian company working toward a strategically aligned and partnered position for contributing to a paradigm shift in current thinking and action in how to achieve Closing the Gap on Indigenous disadvantage and Reconciliation in this country. Whilst we believe that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples can make a unique and positive contribution to the cultural, economic and environmental life of this country, and indeed the achievement of a fairer, more sustainable society; we also assess that the limits on dominant helping system paradigms can be a significant limiting factor. From this viewpoint, BIC is dedicated to imparting contemporary knowledge, expertise and know-how to capability development projects addressing this for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and members of the wider community, as well as their workplaces, their communities and their families. Working with BIC’s highly committed and proficient consultants provides you access to researched, formulated, accredited and evaluated learning systems and consultancy services, designed for efficacy and performance.