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About Us:

The Aboriginal Employment Strategy (AES) is a not-for-profit organisation that specializes in placing and mentoring Aboriginal people into employment. We work with Aboriginal people who want to make a change in their lives.

The AES is the vehicle for Corporate Australia to engage Aboriginal people, we are the link between business and the Aboriginal community. Our corporate partners include some of Australia’s largest companies as well as local businesses in your community.

We are a relationship company; we mentor clients and build relationships that give employers a better understanding of Aboriginal people.


  • Employment Services
    Managed through our Australian government contract (DEWR) this service provides a point of contact for an unemployed Aboriginal person to seek employment outcomes. Working to our job readiness, case management and mentoring processes will ensure the right result.
  • Group Training
    An accredited Group Training Organisation in NSW and a member of the GTA NSW and Australia this service manages and administers traineeships and apprenticeships for Aboriginal people. This service provides opportunities for all trainees/apprentices but we specialise in School Based Traineeships. Our sector areas of focus includes; Business Administration, Financial Services, Building and Construction, Retail and Employment Services.
  • Registered Training
    Targeting specific Industry skill shortage areas this service will increase employability skills for Aboriginal people to ensure successful employment placement occurs. This service will focus on pre-vocational training programs that must lead to an employment outcome.
  • Talent Management
    A head hunting service that provides opportunities for Aboriginal people to build a new career of choice or career progression, we also provide a service for corporate Australia organisations wanting to fill an Aboriginal specific position.
  • Aboriginal Youth Entrepreneurial Program
    By initiating a commercial environment for Aboriginal students in years 7-9 we create an enterprise culture away from welfare culture. This part time program encourages Aboriginal youth to think about the commercial world, including corporate partnerships, work based experience and team building workshops.
  • Security
  • School Based Traineeships

    The AES operates a School Based Traineeship Program. Through this we operate a School Based Traineeship Program (SBT). An SBT allows high school students from
    the end of year 10, beginning of year 11, to complete a traineeship while studying for their HSC. They complete 1600 hours of on the job training with the host employer; one day a week during school time, more during the holidays; half a day at TAFE and the rest of the time at school. The SBT encourages the student to stay at school and complete their HSC; they get paid for their time at their host employer and receive a Certificate 2 in Business Services, once they have completed their HSC.

    The AES looks forward to expanding the School Based Traineeship program further by the end of 2007

Toni Johnson

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