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About Us:

The NCAP program helps Aboriginal people to find work or improve their current job situation.

Mission Statement:

Assisting Aboriginal People into Employment and Training


How does NCAP assist clients?

  • personalised job search service
  • resume, job application and interview preperation
  • career planning
  • training and skills development
  • quality employment contacts
  • job placement monitoring
  • support and advice

How does NCAP assist employers?

  • by referring appropriately qualified and experienced Aboriginal jobseekers to fill vacancies
  • providing employers with knowledgeable links to local communities and organisations, as well as access to training services at the NSW Department of Education and Training
  • monitoring job placements to ensure that both you and your employee are happy with the outcome.


Craig Layer

P: 02 4936 1311


The NCAP Program is funded and administered by DET