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Alliance People Solutions (ALLIANCE) is an Australian owned (Maitland based) and operated professional recruitment, training management and brokerage business that has grown substantially since its establishment in March 2004. 

ALLIANCE excels in professional recruitment across a broad range of occupations though our four divisions – Professional Recruitment, Apprenticeship Recruitment, Indigenous Recruitment and Defence – Technical Trades & Army Reserves Enlistment..

Professional Recruitment

Our comprehensive recruitment services cover everything from intensive database searches, development and lodgement of advertising, receipt of applications, screening, interviewing, reference checks, candidate summaries, interview, scheduling, salary negotiation as appropriate and responding to unsuccessful applicants.

Apprenticeships & Traineeships Recruitment

This division of ALLIANCE focuses on addressing skill shortages across industry through managing the delivery of the ACCESS Program to provide training and placement of apprentices and trainees across various industries.


In an effort to expand the target pool of eligible candidates to enlist and to provide greater reach into the target market, the Commonwealth has awarded a two year contract to ALLIANCE to assist in addressing critical trade shortages.
ALLIANCE has developed a recruiting programme, the Defence Reserves Employment Program, to bolster the recruiting figures for Australia’s Defence Force Reserves. This initiative provides new recruits to Defence Force Reserve Units in identified skill shortage areas, which will assist Defence maintain operational capability.

Indigenous Recruitment

Our Indigenous Recruitment Team promotes the benefits of employing Indigenous Australians to provide a local workforce for companies and help local communities gain enhanced employment choices. 

Our industry experience can be attributed to our capacity to build alliances across industry sectors and organizations. These alliances allow us to achieve more in a shorter timeframe than most would manage and have been obtainable through the leadership of the Directors and Senior Management Team.  Examples of our success include:

• The largest private provider of the Federal Government’s Australian Apprenticeship Access Program.  In 2008 we trained over 1300 unemployed Australians, assisting over 50% into apprenticeship/traineeship or full time employment.

• Winning a National contract to source 200 technical trade apprentices for the Department of Defence. This is the only sub tender the Defence have awarded outside of the prime recruitment contract – currently held by Chandler McLeod.

• Being a 50% Indigenous Australian owned company, we have developed an ethic to continually strive to create employment opportunities Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders and are the preferred provider for four Indigenous STEP ERS programs.

• Working in partnership with the Army Reserve 8th Brigade to implement the Defence Reserves Employment Program – this initiative has achieved 92 enlistments for the Brigade and assisted over 80 young people into civilian traineeship careers.

• Developing a Hunter Based Professional Recruitment business that provides permanent and temporary recruitment services from our Maitland Head Office.

• Opening new offices in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Tamworth and Wollongong.  These branch offices have extended our capacity to provide a range of services to Business and Government nationally.

These achievements have been leveraged off our core business – Recruitment & Training. Through maintaining a core focus we have identified specializations that have allowed ALLIANCE to exceed client expectations and secured us repeat and scalable business opportunities. 

As our name suggests, building “alliances” is our business model and it works by building strong and sustainable relationships and partnerships with a variety of organizations and groups with the end result of placing the right people into real training with sustainable employment outcomes squarely at the forefront. 

The delivery of the ALLIANCE service to Indigenous Australians leverages off our proven recruitment business model and over thirty years of experience of our Directors in the area of delivering training and employment services.  ALLIANCE is able to demonstrate that our services aim to raise a client’s skill level (if needed) to meet the required standard demanded by employers, to help an individual obtain the skills and knowledge required to gain and complete training opportunities with the end goal of obtaining and keeping ongoing, sustainable employment.

ALLIANCE partners collaboratively with Federal/State/Territory agencies (including Centrelink, DEEWR and Job Networks) Indigenous organizations, including local land councils, training organizations, community organizations, medical centres, business groups, TAFE and employment service providers to maximize Indigenous Australian opportunities to gain and retain employment.

Experience and Capacity to work with employers

ALLIANCE has the following strategies in place to work with employers:

• flexible and targeted support to employ and retain Indigenous people including mentoring, cross-cultural training and skills development

• increased focus on assisting small and medium sized businesses (and businesses that have not previously provided jobs to Indigenous people) to help them employ and retain Indigenous staff

• targeted regional strategies in areas with demonstrated labour shortages in industries such as trade apprenticeships, resources, tourism and hospitality

• assistance to develop recruitment and retention strategies to provide long term employment to Indigenous Australians, and assistance in providing work experience and pre-employment opportunities to develop future Indigenous workers.

ALLIANCE provides assistance to employers who may have very little understanding or exposure to the employment and retention issues affecting Indigenous Australians. Our mentoring program not only provides intensive support to our Indigenous clients, but also provides support to employers so they are able to create a work environment that values Indigenous employees. This helps to break down stereotypes and misconceptions, removing another barrier for Indigenous Australians in their search for sustainable employment.