Ani Gun Ya! Welcome to the MANDURAH - Hunter Indigenous Business Chamber Inc. Website

Mandurah is an initiative aimed at supporting the development and growth of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses and the creation of Indigenous employment opportunities across the Hunter Region. (Mandurah is a word used traditionally by Aboriginal people for trade or as we say now ‘doing business’. Traditionally pronounced 'manjar' the word originates from Western Australia).

About Our Logo Design:

Artwork Name: 

"Spirit of Freedom"

Artwork Meaning: 

The Falcon stands for the Spirit of Freedom which captures the Vision of our Chamber, the freedom for our people through education, employment and enterprise. The Circle represents the meetings of the Chamber and the coming together of Aboriginal men and women working for the benefit of our communities and in particular the future of our children. The Circle is black representing our Aboriginality, the men are represented in red after our creator Biame and the women are represented in yellow after our mother earth.The many roads and pathways lead to the centre, Mandurah, representing the coming together of all Hunter Communities.


The Artist is a Wanaruah Man Les Elvin, Grandson of William Jonas from the Upper Hunter Region of NSW. The Wanaruah were creative artists using white and red ochre for most cave stencils and paintings. The Wanaruah were a deeply spiritual group and all important decisions were made by all adult members of the tribe, clan or family group. Les has followed Wanaruah traditions by using spiritual and synonymous art. This can be seen in his works of portraits, spiritual outcomes and symbolism.