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About Us:

The Critter Sitter is the only vet recommended pet care service that will come to your home.


For all creatures great and small


  • Will care for pets when you are unwell & still at home, or away from home on holiday
  • We will also “House Sit” for you, giving the house a look of occupancy.
  • Professional Visit: Daily feed, play, refresh water, cleanup yard/litter box, collect mail, put out garbage, water plants, and give vet prescribed medicine.
  • Professional Visit + Walk: daily visit plus 30 – 40 mins dog walk on leash.
  • Dog Walk: daily 35 – 45mins walk on leash.
  • House Sitting: stay overnight in the home as well as clear letterbox, answer phone, open/close blinds/louvers, turn lights on/off, put out bins & retrieve them.


Michelle Earl

PO Box 776 Cessnock 2325

P: 0402 129 896
P2: 02 4990 1646

E: michelle@c
W: www.crittersitter.com.au